RGB Color-Changing Remote-Controlled Acrylic Neon Letters and Numbers

RGB Color-Changing Remote-Controlled Acrylic Neon Letters and Numbers

Elevate Your Event with Vibrant Neon Creations

Introducing our remarkable RGB Color-Changing Remote-Controlled Acrylic Neon Letters and Numbers, a fusion of acrylic panels and neon light strips. Crafted for versatility and durability, this product is an ideal addition to birthday parties, offering a captivating visual spectacle. With the ability to customize fonts, shapes, and sizes, these neon creations radiate beauty and charm, making any event truly enchanting.

Key Features:

  1. Vibrant RGB Colors: This product comes to life with a dynamic range of RGB colors, easily controlled through a remote, allowing you to create the desired ambiance at your event.
  2. Customizable Fonts and Shapes: Choose from a variety of fonts and shapes to match your event’s theme and style, ensuring a personalized touch.
  3. Multiple Sizes: Available in three sizes: 3ft, 4ft, and 5ft, providing options to cater to different event spaces and preferences.
  4. Durable Acrylic Construction: Crafted from high-quality acrylic panels, these neon letters and numbers are designed for longevity, making them suitable for repeated rentals.
  5. Perfect for Rental Businesses: Ideal for wedding and event rental companies, offering a standout attraction for customers seeking to add a vibrant and unique element to their celebrations.

Product Specifications:

  • Construction: Acrylic panels with neon light strips
  • Sizes: 3ft, 4ft, 5ft

Enrich your event’s atmosphere with the captivating charm of our RGB Color-Changing Remote-Controlled Acrylic Neon Letters and Numbers. Designed to transform any occasion into a vivid spectacle, these customizable creations offer a versatile and visually stunning addition to birthday parties and various events. As a factory with 15 years of manufacturing experience in China, we’re committed to providing exceptional quality and a diverse range of wedding and event props to elevate your celebrations.

Contact us today to embrace the vibrant possibilities of neon and acrylic, and let our products illuminate your events with style and allure.


How to ship these letter?2021-11-10T05:12:55+00:00

For above 3ft tall, only vessel is suitable, because letters volume is big.

How I change color by using App?2021-11-09T10:02:56+00:00

We will offer you a video to teach you how to download app and how to change color and 180 type circus effection.

Do you have MOQ?2021-11-09T07:41:22+00:00

We don’t have MOQ demand, 1pc is acceptable.

May these lights can be connected together?2021-11-09T10:03:45+00:00

Each light has its own plug, they can’t be joint together.

May I get correct plug with light?2021-11-10T04:58:02+00:00

We offer serial plug. Just tell us your place+-, we will assemble different country standard plug.

May I get correct plug with light?
What voltage of this type light?2021-11-09T10:05:52+00:00


Is neon marquee lights warter proof ?2021-11-09T10:06:46+00:00

Not, it isn’t waterproof.

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