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RGB Solid Letter(0-9,A-Z)

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Home » Shop » RGB Solid Letter(0-9,A-Z)

RGB Solid Letter(0-9,A-Z)

Acrylic production, RGB color can be decorative light box,
You can put it at your wedding or party. It’s very beautiful and strong!


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120cm/4ft, 150cm/5ft, 90cm3ft

Acrylic production, RGB color can be decorative light box,
You can put it at your wedding or party. It’s very beautiful and strong!



Our factory has 13 years of production experience. The products are as follows:

  • Neon sign
  • Marquee Letter
  • Letter Table
  • Wedding backdrop
  • Cylinder Plinth
  • Balloon Box
  • Flower Letter

Thank you for choosing us, we will deliver the best products and the best price, and we have first-class service! Get in touch with us!

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Some FAQ

Which type big letter is newest in 2021?2021-09-23T14:12:22+00:00

3D frame RGB neon lights is newest and most popular type in 2021 for party backdrop decoration.

  • APP Bluetooth controlling
  • 180 affection and all colors option
  • small weight and one person could move anywhere very easily.
  • each light has own controller and adaptor
neon marquee letter
Is waterproof function available?2021-09-23T13:59:07+00:00

Waterproof function is available, it is 12V for safe purpose.

12V waterproof adaptor is needed and 12V waterproof bulb is needed.

Waterproof entire light and all accessories are all conform to CE/RoHS/FCC/RCM certificate.


waterproof marquee letter
May I get correct plug with letter light?2021-09-23T13:51:19+00:00

We offer serial plug. Just tell us your place, we will assemble different country standard plug.

marquee letter plug
What standard fonts do you offer?2021-09-23T12:27:33+00:00

Both bold and rosewood are standard font for marquee number. Also we accept special font whatever else.

marquee numbers font
Do you offer ‘drop shipping’ service?2021-09-23T12:33:13+00:00

Sorry, We don’t offer ‘drop shipping’ service, because marquee number volume is too large, it isn’t suitable express delivery. Only mass ordering and sea freight is suitable and reasonable operation.

Can large letter stand by themselves? Will the top swing?2021-09-23T12:47:28+00:00

Yes, all of our large letters are freestanding on even ground.

For grass or uneven ground, we always suggest buyer install supports against back of letters to add stability. Using sand bags can help better.

For top-heavy letters like F, P, 7,4, we also design the base plate to keep balance.

letter light freestanding
How long to deliver after ordering?2021-09-23T12:57:30+00:00

Our lead time:

  • samples: 3-5 days
  • LCL : 10 days

  • FCL 20ft container: 30 days

  • FCL 40ft container: 30-40 days

Shipment time:

  • 30-35 days from our port to destination port
  • 7-10 days from destination port to your door

Pls plan well your purchasing schedule.

Can I get double rim letter light?2021-09-23T13:29:04+00:00

Sure, double rim is absolutely workable for us, however its cost is higher than single rim.

double rim big letter
Can big marquee light be driven by battery?2021-09-23T13:18:27+00:00
  • For large marquee light, battery electricity quantity is too low for brightness and lasting time matching party decoration. So we never use battery system on big letter, in contrast, smaller size of 1ft and 2ft is used with battery.
  • Each big letter light goes with plug wire with different country standard.
If there have any stock?2021-09-23T13:31:04+00:00

Not all of lights are in stock. Different customers lead different demands so there are only a part of products in stock.

Do you have MOQ?2021-09-23T13:00:35+00:00

For big number light, we don’t have MOQ, 1pc is acceptable for us.


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