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Marquee Letters Numbers Lights

Bring some alphabetical charm to your party decoration with our large Marquee Letter Lights. These vintage letters crafted from metal plate and rendered in a classical variety and feature LED bulbs or neon tubes in a marquee-like display, giving the sign that old look and antique artistry. Meanwhile WOWORK offer mesh backdrop, cake cylinder, letter table… to add a impressive illuminated touch to any decoration and space with this big letter lights.

Being professional team with 13 years history, WOWORK has lead trends of marquee letters innovation from 2008 till now. Each year hundreds of newest and the most popular types are developed by WOWORK to update herself. WOWORK occupies 6100m2 and owns 55 staff and the most advanced equipment of processing and testing. So over 500 worldwide clients trust and make deep cooperation with WOWORK to get win-win result.

If you are in the business of renting or reselling party event decoration, have a try to learn and get details marquee letters & marquee numbers from us. Some of our clients continually enhance their market competitive strength when they stock our lights.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t know well ship and operation customs issues, WOWORK team would like to help you deliver goods safely to your door or to your destination port.

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