1.Using Sea Shipment

For big letters, the sole and cheapest shipment method is by sea. Air or express freight per letter reach to minimum US$xxx, so we always advice client gives up idea of shipping by air or express and consider sea shipment directly.

2.Minimum Ordering Quantity

For sea transportation, minimum letter quantity is 6 pcs because one pallet can load 6pc letter at least. Of course, more quantity lead to less unit freight for each letter. Big letter package is very bulky, so all freight is determined by volume, not weight.

3. Lead Time And Shipment Time

Sea shipment time is 30-35 days to arrive on Australian /European/ American main port. Our lead time is 15-20 days to finish LCL order, 25-30 days to finish FCL order, so we hope you plan well the schedule of purchasing and reselling.

4.EXW, FOB, C&F, DDU Option

If you have importing experience, we suggest you use EXW, FOB term. We could cooperate with your assigned forwarder to finish all shipment issues.

If you don’t have importing experience or hope us to deliver good to your door directly, DDU term is your choice. We will operate all shipment service to your door including all operation from our factory to our sea port, our customs declaration, sea shipping to your port, your customs clearance, delivery from your port to your door.

5. How to get FOB, C&F, DDU cost from us?

Freight is calculated basing on your order’s total package volume. That’s the reason why we need your ordering quantity and letter size, then we quote you precise FOB, C&F, DDU cost accordingly.

For DDU, please tell us your full detailed address involving zip code. Our overseas forwarder will work out clearly all costs charged on your side. So later changing of quantity/ size/ your address effect FOB/C&F/DDU cost.

6.When you could get FOB, C&F, DDU cost from us?

We could quote you FOB, C&F cost within the day you asking.

For DDU cost, you need to wait 2-3 days, because our overseas forwarder needs to work out all cost of destination local charge on your sea port and transportation to your door. It is a complicated operation to quote accurate freight.

7. Freight Validity

Please note that shipping price is valid for one month.

8. Pit Of C&F

C&F concept: Exporter book vessel and pay for freight from factory to destination port. Importer pay for all cost from destination port to door.

DDU concept: Exporter book vessel and pay for freight and all charges from factory to destination door.

If you are green at importing, we don’t advice C&F term. Although you get very low C&F cost from exporter, when goods arrive at your port, your destination local charge is charged much higher than standard level. At that time, importer become sacrificial lamb.

With 11 years’ rich shipment experience, we always suggest client use DDU term instead of C&F to let client know clearly all costs which will happen in entire shipment till your door.

Of course, we also operate C&F, but we insist on quoting C&F at standard level and control your destination charge as lower as possible.