About Us


Marquee Lights, the extremely creative products that we specialise in. Nowadays, When our marquee lights can be found in hundreds of shops and boutiques, when it is easy to see children’s smile everywhere around the world because of a lovely marquee light gift, and when the giant, illuminated words and numbers that added a striking, memorable impact to someone’s wedding or special event, We realized we are changing the world!
To compare with the pride that being as the first and biggest supplier of marquee lights in China getting us , we are prouder and happier when we realized different customers’ various ideas time after time. With 9 years’ continuous accumulation of experience, professional team and the achievements we’ve got during the past, we are full of passion and confidence to meet future challenges.
Company Name: …..Fushun Lusheng Machine Co., Ltd.
Established: …….. 2008
Plant area: ……. 6100㎡
Company Type: ….. Private Own
Employees: ……. 55 person totally
involving 2 staff of QC control, 2 engineers, 7 exporting trader, 44 workers
Export to: ….. Europe, USA, Australia, UK, Middle Eastern, Korea, Japan...30 countries
Production Capacity: 3-7 days— samples
                                  10-15 days—one 20ft container
                                  15-20 week— one 40ft container

Wowork History
To be continued…
Joined American CBW exhibition and Hong Kong Exhibition.

Waterproof Version products successfully launched.
Joint American High Point Exhibition and Hong Kong Exhibition.

New launched products achieved great success, exported to 33 countries. Over 250 customers.
Start to joined international fair in Hong Kong and Hungry.

Turbo lights and battery operated version marquee lights came out.
A wide range of standard sizes (22cm~150cm) become available.
Trademark “Wowork” successfully registered in China, Australia, Europe and the USA.

The 1st generation marquee lights got to be a hit during the year.
Application for Australian RCM certificate and European CE, RoHS certificate.

First time to touch marquee light because of an inquiry with product drawing from Australia.
Spent huge fund on equipment and team to develop marquee lights.
Completely new products. 1st generation of marquee lights was born.

Begin to do international business through Alibaba.

Fushun Lusheng Machine Co., Ltd established.
Built building of office and workshop.
Purchased professional machines of metal plate stamping, cutting, bending, welding.
Continued conventional business of mould making, metal plate procession.

Bought 6100㎡ land.
Inherited from Fushun Yongsheng Machine factory.